(This article is about the Overstone. For the Endstone's current rocker, see Kyri Thunderhead.)

The Endstone is a legendary Overstone and one of the 2 key parts to interface with the Eternity Spire, alongside its counterpart The Banestone. It is also one of the larger overstones, being too large to be socketed in a ring. Current rocker Kyri Thunderhead wears it in a necklace.

Powers Edit

Stonecraft negation Edit

Within a limited range around itself, the user of the Endstone is able to project an invisible bubble with stonecraft negation properties. Any stonecraft related ability within the bubble will become instantly nullified, and shapeshifing stone users will revert to their regular form.

As a side effet of this power, however, the stonecraft abilities of the wielder are disrupted, even when not using the Endstone. To be able to use other stones, the user must not be in direct contact with the Endstone. As a result, only stoners that also know how to fight without relying on stonecraft should use this stone, like the nuns of Zekron and their leader, the Twilight Mistress.

Reality reset Edit

Combined with the Banestone on the Eternity Spire, the Endstone can cause a reset to the whishing machine that created stonecraft and the stoneverse to begin with, allowing whoever possesses the stonecraft helmet to rewrite all reality.

Wielders Edit

The Endstone has been traditionally wielded and guarded by the Twilight Mistress, leader of the order of the nuns of Zykron. The current Twilight Mistress is also the only surviving nun, Kyri Thunderhead.

Several Banestone wielder have come into possession with the Endstone, with the intent of triggering the reality reset. Starting from Drakhyl to Jon Montaine to Colindra Montaine and finally Simon.