The Dragonstone is a powerful overstone that played a vital role in recent stonerverse history

Powers Edit

Dragon form Edit

The rocker of the Dragonstone is granted access to a draconic form he/she can shapeshift into at will, although clothes are destroyed in the process unless first removed. However, the form costs stoner energy to maintain, and thus slowly drains the user's power over time, which can be a problem specially if the user has been spending a lot of said energy with very taxing powers.

Super strength Edit

While in dragon form, the user has vastly increased strength, matching the size of the dragon's body.

Flight Edit

The dragon form grants easy flight capabilities with great speed, thanks to the wings the dragon has.

Fire breathing Edit

The dragon form also grants the user the ability to breath fire, making it a dangerous ranged opponent as it can even outmatch the more specialized Firestone.

Fire immunity Edit

The dragon form is also immune to ennemy fire attacks

Wielders Edit

Drakhyl was the original wielder, as far as the story has been told. He was defeated and killed before he could bring the world to an end by unifying Endstone and Banestone. Elden le Blanc would later inherit the stone.

Colindra "Cole" Montaine recieved this sone years later while influenced by the Banestone herself. Even though she has since been freed from the Banestone, she has kept the Dragonstone as her major offensive asset.

Kyri Thunderhead briefly rocked the Dragonstone as well, in order to borrow its flight capabilities.